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Sanchez Jumpers is a full service party rental company specializing in jumpers, water slides, bounces, tents, tables and chairs, linens, decor for parties, weddings or any event up to 500 people.

Our tents feature geometric shapes that fit together to create unique covered spaces.  Our service includes setup a day or two in advance to give you time to decorate.  Or if you prefer, we can do it - additional decor we offer includes tent leg drapes, swagging, lighting, string lighting and up-lighting.  Call or e-mail us for a free quotation and layout proposal and let us design the perfect space for your event.

We have different size of tents available for your party and we also provide Tent Accessories - Tent Sidewalls, Window Walls, Tent Lighting.

Tent 20 x 60​

up to 140 people seated

Tent 20 x 20​

up to 48 people seated

Tent 16 x 20

​up to 35 people seated

Sanchez Jumpers

Tents Rentals for birthdays,

weddings, baby shower or any party.

Tent 20 x 30

up to 64 people seated

Tent 12 x 20

up to 24 people seated

or (408)-903-0864

Tent 20 x 40​

up to 80 people seated